How to feel fresh and energize yourself for the day


How to feel fresh and energize yourself for the day

Let’s face it, although there will be some days where we wake up in a morning feeling fresh, happy, re energized and revitalized, unfortunately, there will also be days where we wake up feeling like death warmed up, and simply can’t find the energy or the motivation to function. On those days, it’s safe to say that even the most trivial and mundane of tasks can be taxing, both physically and mentally, which is obviously far from ideal. When we wake up, we want our days to be happy and we want our bodies to be full of energy. We want to have the energy to perform a number of tasks with minimal effort, and we want our motivational levels to go through the roof. Here’s a look at a few handy tips and tricks to help you feel fresh and energized.

Start your day with a shower – Once you wake up, after you’ve perked up slightly and have gone through your morning rituals, make sure you start your day with a shower. The water will hydrate your skin and awaken your body and its senses. The more powerful your shower is, the more invigorated you will feel. Just be careful about having the water too hot, as extreme warm temperatures could leave you feeling too relaxed, or even dizzy or light headed.

Try a cold shower – To some of you, the prospect of having a cold shower will not exactly be very welcoming, though if you can tolerate it, you should certainly try it. There are many health benefits associated with cold showers, including the fact that they help boost testosterone, they improve circulation, they enhance libido and fertility, they strengthen the immune system, and of course, they help wake you up. If you can’t handle a cold shower, try alternating between periods of cold water and periods of hot water, or alternatively, finish off your shower with 20-30 seconds of cold water.

Always eat breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day for a reason, yet despite this, people often find themselves skipping it because they claim to be too busy, or not hungry. Your body needs energy after going 7 – 10 hours on average without any food whilst you slept. Having breakfast will kick start your metabolism and help provide your body with the energy it needs. If possible, try a breakfast rich in healthy fats, as the body will immediately use these fats as energy to help get you going. Smoked salmon, avocados, whole eggs, and mackerel, are all great examples.


Feeling Uplifted – A Good way to achieve this is to listen to some motivational music, or read some inspiring and motivational quotes. You can search popular motivational music or find some inspirational quotes from good daily quotes website like brainy quotes etc.


Don’t rely on caffeine – Most people rely on caffeine to perk them up in a morning, but the more you have, the more of a tolerance your body will build up and the more you will need. Not only that, but as it wears off, you will crash and feel awful. Caffeine in too large a dosage can also be very dangerous for you.


Stay hydrated – There is no excuse for not drinking enough water, so make sure you stay well hydrated throughout the day. Water hydrates the body, it promotes healthy cell function and energy production, and it is essential for your major organs. If possible, opt for mineral or filtered water.

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